10 important TIPs in life

How to make life more successful, here I will provide 10 tips in this process, hope you guys enjoy it!

1st without constant confirmation that his responsibility is a sure way to bring a child crippled. In other words, self-confidence, without responsibility leads to a feeling of empowerment.

2nd Raise your hand if you have refused to everything at any time, anywhere. Everyone. How would you have a friendly word of four letters for the next time you rejected? Views: NEXT. Sale, then the next job, the next date, you click Next.

3rd Beware of people who use their own emotional pain as a tool to manipulate others and not as a motivation to change themselves.

4th The parents of the young person must be careful with the syndrome NMK my child would like in ‘My child will not have done

Even if you have faithfully raised not to do certain things that children do not have the power of choice, which means they can make bad decisions.

NMK syndrome may require something that immediate attention blind. The confidence in their children and their education and take it always at a glance what you hear.

5th If you notice one on your credit card, said a cake that are due to their excellent payment history is a minimum quota for this month to receive no time for celebration. Still in arrears. These are not your friends.

6th It is a lesson in humility and sober for a child, how you want to be.

7th I noticed that more and more people doing what I call the tail of Life. TipsPicture success in life is a train of three cars. The facts before the call of the motor / reality, the car in the middle of our thoughts, beliefs, decisions, decisions and behavior based on facts, is the caboose of our feelings. Facts and the reality of the first comes, thoughts and behaviors followed by feelings.

Many people try, your lifestyle in the caboose (feelings) run on the head. Emotions are interesting and important, but can not drive a car with the train. Pay attention to your feelings, but let the facts of reality drive-train.

8th A successful marriage requires ignoring selective and strategic. The right things are to ignore irritating little habits and quirks, we all have. The problem occurs when you ignore the bad things.

9th I wonder whether it is a bad thing to believe that football on television is one of the first signs of autumn.

10th Most people live in the illusion that worrying about something that really can make a difference. The only possible way to not worry, you can make any difference whether the care that they take steps to be asked something about the subject of your request to do so.

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